The Joint Meeting of

the 120th Annual Meeting of The Japanese Association of Anatomists

the 92nd Annual Meeting of The Physiological Society of Japan


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Program at a Glance

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Plenary Lectures

Invited Speaker:

  • Charles Zuker(Columbia University, USA)
  • Hitoshi Sakano(Tokyo University, Fukui University, Japan)
  • Wolfgang Baumeister(Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Germany)
  • Yoshinori Fujiyoshi(Nagoya University, Japan)
  • Yoshinori Ohsumi(Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

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Tentative List:

  • Brain and hormones: Their seamless interaction between structure and function from molecular to behavioural level
  • Structure and function of biological membranes: viewed from molecules and their nano-environments
  • Japan-Korea Joint symposium - towards FAOPS2019
  • Japan-China Joint symposium - towards FAOPS2019
  • Recent Development of Physical Therapy Research on Motor Control
  • Neural mechanisms of acupuncture analgesia
  • Brain structures from physiological viewpoints; brain functions from anatomical viewpoints
  • Dynamic aspects of microscopic localization, stoichiometry and function of membrane protein complexes
  • Variety in neural circuit construction and underlying principles
  • Zinc signaling: An emerging regulatory system in physiology and pathogenesis
  • Activity-dependent regulation of myelinated nerve function and morphology
  • Recent insight into molecules involved in food intake, stress and emotion
  • Role of the auditory cortex in hearing
  • Forefront of exo- and endocytosis research
  • Frontiers in mitochondrial dynamics and pathophysiology
  • Expression, Structure and Function of Thermosensitive TRP channels
  • Neuronal circuit in the basal ganglia in terms of transmitters and receptors
  • Neuronal Specializations of Auditory Temporal Coding
  • Crosstalk between nervous and immune systems
  • Frontier on fatigue, autonomic nerve dysfunction, and sleep-rhythm disorder
  • The effect of perinatal stress on brain function
  • Birthplace, birthtime and molecular mechanisms of oligodendrogenesis
  • Regulation of physiological functions by neuroactive steroid and its morphological foundations: Regulatory mechanism for GABA signaling
  • Frontier of functional and morphological research in epithelial tissues of digestive organs
  • A new vista of study on formation and function of lymphatic vessels
  • Central functions of oxytocin: Basic and clinical neuroscience
  • Update of Research on Cardiovascular Regulation by Angiotensin
  • neurogenesis from embryo to adult
  • Anatomical and physiological perspective of brain environment
  • Regulatory mechanisms of sperm properties toward fertilization success
  • Regulation of appetite and energy metabolism by brain
  • Physiological Model-Based Cardiovascular Diagnosis/Therapy
  • Front in progress on aerospace medicine and biology
  • Imaging studies of memory processes with various animal models
  • Diversity of serotonergic system in the brain - from development to aggression, reward and decision-making -
  • New trends for research on the regulatory mechanism of neuronal development
  • Mechanism of host defense and homeostatic maintenance by phagocytes
  • Current Status and Issue of Research Ethics
  • Structure and dynamics of the motor-related neuronal circuit in brain
  • Space Medicine Ⅰ:Living with Gravity
  • Frontiers in morphological and functional studies of neocortical circuits
  • Space Medicine II: Complications of "Zero-Gravity" and their countermeasures
  • Cutting-edge in vivo nano-imaging technologies
  • Morphological and functional mechanisms and their dynamics in the multimodality of inhibitory neural system
  • Neural regulation of vascular function - Integration of anatomical and physiological evidence
  • Frontiers in sleep research
  • Functional roles of monoaminergic/cholinergic neurotransmitters in higher order behaviors
  • Structure and function of the hippocampus: approach from molecule to neuronal network
  • The time in Anatomy and Physiology
  • Neuronal mechanisms of respiratory control in the medulla and spinal cord: integrative view of the anatomy and function
  • New streams in researches knitted with neurophysiology and stem cell histology
  • Auditory information processing in local circuit of the inferior colliculus
  • Frontier of the structural and functional investigation of the kidney
  • Impacts of active experience on brain morphology and function
  • Physiological functions of membrane transporters that regulate signals for anatomical tooth morphogenesis and differentiation
  • New roles for biological clocks in homeostasis
  • Clinical needs and Clinical anatomic researches
  • Possibility of Joint Lectures and Practicals on Central Nervous System Anatomy and Physiology
  • New research focuses on the structure and function of gastric parietal cells
  • Generation of Physiological Functions During Ontogenesis : Looking for the Frontier of "Functiogenesis"
  • Current somatosensory investigation reveals how skin feels the present.
  • Stem cell therapy for neuronal disorders
  • Relationship between cellular functions and membrane transporters/ion channels
  • Architecture and molecular mechanisms in sensory systems
  • New structural and functional logics governing electrical signal propagation
  • Developmental insights into cellular communications during organogenesis
  • Integrated approaches to understand the pathophysiology of dystonia and involunatary movement
  • The structural cell physiology of tight junction protein claudin
  • Synaptic structure and (dys)function: How do synaptologists challenge brain disease?
  • Recent progress in differentiation and regeneration of vessels
  • Recent advances in the research on the trigeminal ganglion.
  • The strategies aimed at maintenance of tissue perfusion. 
  • ~Regulation of cardiomyocyte apoptosis and angiogenesis~
  • Anatomical and physiological approaches reveal the mechanism of memory retrieval in the Parabrachial Nucleus
  • Sensory and motor mechanisms regulating feeding behavior
  • Multilayered physiology-anatomy joint symposium for the cerebral cortical development and maturation
  • Frontier researches on the suprachisamatic nucleus, the center of the mammalian circadian timing system.
  • “Chrono-network ~ Molecular Physiology/Anatomy Cross-talking with Biological Time ”
  • Recent findings in development, function and disease of GABA signaling
  • A better understanding of liver metabolism by multifaceted approaches
  • Neural development and neuropsychiatric disorder models
  • Molecular mechanism and physiological function of cell polarity: through the function of transporters
  • NO, the subsequent evolution
  • Exercise physiology in advanced aging society: basic and applied aspects
  • Body in the world ― coordinates in the brain―

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